Why Structured Settlement Annuities Should Be Sold | Reasons for Selling Structured Settlement Annuity

People need money fast in an emergency situation. They don’t have time to wait for annuity payments. There are many companies that will buy your structured settlement annuity so that you have cash when you need it.

There are many reasons people sell structured settlement annuities. Some sell it out of a sense of obligation, while others do so because they don’t have any other options. No matter the reason, it is always a good idea to have someone to call in times of need.

A structured settlement is a financial agreement in which you receive compensation from an insurance settlement. The annuity will pay it. Instead of one lump payment, the payments are spread over regular installments. Many people sell their annuity payments to avoid the hassle of waiting for every disbursement.

A structured settlement can be sold for a variety of reasons, including to fund their children’s education or for a medical emergency.

An individual can sell different types of annuities. You can sell even settlements for medical malpractice, personal injury, product liability, and wrongful death. Depending on which plan you select, you can receive lump sum cash for either partial or complete buyouts.

To be able sell your settlement annuity, you must submit the following documents: The completed application, the annuity policies documents, the extended release, or the settlement agreement, as well as a recent copy or stub of the annuity check, tax return, two identification cards (one must be a photo), a copy of your Will and Probate document, and copies of any assignments, revisions, or other papers related to the structured settlement.

If you have all the documents, it is easy to meet these requirements. You should research the rates of any interested companies before you make a decision to sell your structured settlement annuity.

Remember that it is important to be certain that the company that you deal with is reliable in order to get the money you need immediately.

How You Can Benefit From Structured Settlement Investments

Structured settlement investments are something you may have heard about. This option is available if you have a settlement and need cash immediately. These settlements are available immediately so you don’t have to wait long to cash them in.

Who is Eligible?

Not all people are eligible. These buyouts can only be availed by those who have received settlement payments. These settlements are payments that you receive if your case is a success. Only these people can choose this option.

Settlements: The Problem

You will feel justified and happy if you win any case before the court. The effort will be more worthwhile if you win a case that includes settlements. There is no way to cash the entire check immediately. You can get the money in small increments, regardless of how large the amount is.

Here’s how it works. Depending on how much you have paid, you could get paid within months, years or your entire life. This is how settlements are structured. The courts cannot grant you the entire settlement once you have won the case.

You cannot cash the check if you have urgent needs. There may be an emergency. It is possible that you need money to repay a debt. This could be a rare opportunity. You have the option to sell your settlements via structured settlement investments.

The Solution

This is the place to go if you have an urgent need for all of your funds. This type of investment is covered by a variety of brokerages and investment houses. You can simply browse the internet for information about these companies. Then, you will need to inform them about the terms of your settlement.

The Process

There are several steps you should take when you decide to sell your settlement. Here’s how it works:

1. Get in touch

After you’ve learned about the different companies that offer this service you can simply choose one. Contact them by phone or email.

2. Give the Details

The details of your settlement must be presented. The court will require you to give details about your settlement, including the amount you expect to collect, what you have already collected and what terms you are required to pay.

3. Agreement

You can decide whether you want to sell the whole amount or a portion. Sometimes it’s more prudent to only sell a portion of large settlements.

4. Contract

After you have reached an agreement, your contract will be sent to you by mail.

5. Legal Work

All legal work must be completed within a set time frame. This process can take up 8 weeks.

6. Receive payment

You can now get payment after all legalities are completed.


This option may allow you to get between 90 and 70% of the settlement. However, the money will be available in as little as 8 weeks. This is the advantage of structured settlement investments.

Structured Settlement Buyout – Partial Vs Full

Sometimes, it is a bad idea to take structured settlement payments once all legalities are in order. This is a preferred method by insurance companies because they don’t have the expense of having to pay a large sum at once. Although it may seem like it will work initially, there are times when you need a large sum of cash. There are two types to structured settlement buyout options: partial buyout and full buyout.

Partial buyout: You can sell a portion only of your structured settlement payments to get some cash immediately, while keeping the rest of your payments coming monthly. Sometimes, a little extra cash is necessary to make ends meet every day. Partially buying out an option could be used to add money to your investment portfolio or to supplement lost wages.

A partial buyout might be an option for people who suddenly lose their job. This money could help them to get another job. An additional income from other sources might be what a family needs to get over a financial hump.

Full buyout: Sometimes an insurance company won’t offer a lump-sum payment. It might be easier to accept a lump amount at the beginning. The full buyout option can be used to solve this problem. This payment option is great for people who need money as quickly as possible from their settlement.

A full buyout is a good option if you have college-aged children. You may also need to take the full amount if you are losing your job, have to pay off debt, buy a house, remodel your home, make mortgage payments, or invest in other high-end items. Sometimes money can’t wait, especially when it comes to an emergency.

People who do not want to wait for their next payment in the mail can opt to buyout structures. Buyouts are non-taxable transactions that make companies profit. To find the best deal on your structured settlement payments, you can get quotes from several companies. Ask lots of questions to ensure you choose a reliable company to work with.