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From 1984 to the present, Sabre Capital has served middle-market companies throughout the Carolinas and Virginia in navigating issues related to expansion, competition and the transition. Our offerings include consultancy and investment banking to owners of privately held businesses. We offer advice on a variety of strategies, such as mergers divestitures and acquisitions to increase the value of companies to managers, owners as well as employees. The key to our approach is our focus on the private the nature of our services.

Sabres Capital is a firm that mainly deals with the mergers and acquisitions between two companies, a private individual and a company and others. Sabres Capital was founded in 1984 and has acted as a middle-man and negotiator between companies in the Carolinas and Virginia. It is a private institution and provides services related to finance and investment too.


To ensure the highest levels of professionalism and attention to detail to each client while conceiving and implementing solutions that exceed the expectations of each client.


Our expertise in advising middle-market businesses spans over 4 decades with Our advice based on financials. We actively engage with the marketplace to ensure the fairness of valuations, structures and the timeframe of transaction that are essential to the prosperity for Sabre Captial and its clients. Our personal touch approach is particularly beneficial to our clients with the intermediation services with buyers bankers, sellers accountants, lawyers and search consultants, since we develop trust between each of these parties and put the interests of our clients first.

Sabres Capital Reviews: The mission and founder information:

The company, Sabres Capital, provides different assistance and services related to mergers, acquisitions and investment banking to businesses employees, employers, and individuals. They mostly offer services to private businesses and growing businesses.

Sabres Capital’s multi-faceted approach Sabres Capital has boosted its standing among the many growing businesses. Sabres Capital has the goal to be different from other companies to offer the most effective solution dealing with each problem effectively while maintaining privacy.

In 1984, Sabres Capital was established in 1984 by James A. “Trip” Holmes, III, the founder of the firm.

Sabres Capital Reviews: the Experience, working

Sabres Capital is one of the most renowned and longest-running Capital advice companies within the United States because of its expertise. The president who founded the company also began with a career in negotiation as well as an intermediary advisor in matters of mergers, acquisitions or investment bank.

With the knowledge of the founder president, Sabres Capital initially started capital trading across various areas like agriculture, small-scale technological manufacturing, healthcare as well as boutique services. James created Sabres Capital initially to provide an exclusive service to boutiques that clients demand.