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History of Yoga

The history of yoga in India is about 5000 years old. In the form of mental, physical and spirituality, people have been practicing it since ancient times. Agastya Rishi who toured the entire Indian subcontinent and coined the culture of living in a yogic way. Yoga was first originated in India only after that it became popular in other countries of the world.  Yoga is an invaluable gift of the ancient tradition of India which is spread not only in the country but also in different parts of the world including Asia, Middle East, North Africa and South America.

The introduction of yoga to the West is often credited to Swami Vivekananda (1863–1902). He first came to the United States of America in 1883 and was soon organizing world conferences on the subject, by describing yoga as a “science of the mind”, and he translated Yogic texts from Sanskrit into English. In 1893, during a visit to the US, he sparked the country’s interest by demonstrating Yoga at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. As a result, many other Indian Yogis and Swamis were welcomed with open arms in the West.

most popular types of yoga

Further develop Body Flexibility

Yoga assists us with moving our body in various stances in which each advantage of Yoga can get by its postures which has its own advantages like winding body, neck, hand, leg, spine and so on Which assist us with improving adaptability in the body.

Further developing Muscle Strength

It’s not important to go consistently for Hard Exercise in the rec center in spite of the fact that you can make it happen at home while doing Yoga. For our body Yoga has each progression, assume to further develop your leg then, at that point, follow Yoga which assists with further developing leg strength, with the same ways you can select any thoughtful Yoga as per your need of the body.

Joint fortify

Yoga is a training which any time of individual can follow on their day by day schedule like advanced age individuals too in light of the fact that Yoga doesn’t any mischief and furthermore invigorates each Joint of a body.

Bone Strengthen

While performing Yoga you can improve result and fortify in bone as well, Most of us not mindful with regards to Yoga and its advantages and experience numerous infections and where our Bone assist us with conveying our self more.

Help to oversee Blood stream

Yoga generally assists with dealing with our blood stream in the body, particularly an unwinding exercise you can observe your self in a superior spot, Any sort of yoga you do each Yoga ownly affects body whether you do Handstand Yoga, Surya Namaskar and so forth

Assisting with further developing Immune framework

Yoga is a decent expert of your body which train you to cook your climax quite well, and a portion of the yoga is particularly for our stomach like Kapalbhati, Which mends you from inward to the external body well overall and restore your body.

To bringing inward satisfaction

While doing Yoga and Pranayam, we can deal with our self quite well and get Benefits of Yoga, Suppose you are following just Om mantra in your day by day schedule life which takes a lot of energy however it gives you internal harmony and permit you to ponder the outside encompassing shrewdly. For example, a large portion of the yoga have their own significance itself, despite the fact that we can’t follow everything Yoga we can pick not many of them and remember for our everyday existence cycle and can feel its astounding power.

For better Healthy way of life.

While constant practice Yoga, you can begin controlling in yourself which is itself a huge change in anyone that we can handle our self since now day way of life of each deteriorating a large portion of us not centering our wellbeing and we enjoy our self to have many shoddy nourishment eat undesirable thing which generally hurts us using any and all means on which we can’t handle on feeling, But assuming we consistently doing Yoga, Which makes such atmosphere in our environmental factors where we can feel our self in next degree of life, Although numerous things have said with regards to Yoga who is rehearsing it day by day who can comprehend The Benefits of Yoga

Benefits of Pranayama

Benefits of Pranayama
Benefits of Pranayama

✓ Practicing Pranayama helps in relieving disorders related to stress, asthma and stammering.
✓ Depression can also be treated with pranayama.
✓ The practice of pranayama leads to steady mind and strong will power.
✓ Apart from this, doing Pranayama regularly gives long life.
✓ Pranayama increases the life force in your body.
✓ If any of your pulse is blocked then pranayama opens it.
✓ Pranayama provides clarity to the mind and health to the body.
✓ Pranayama harmonizes body, mind and soul.

Best Yoga Studios near Daytona Beach FL

Hot House Yoga

Since 2006, 1400 Hand Avenue in Ormond Beach, FL Hot House Yoga is the best spot in Volusia County. There are many classes available that suit different skill levels. You may start by learning the basics of yoga before you move on to Core Flow Yoga, Vinyasa Flow or Yin Yoga. This will help you to calm your mind and relax your body. Private yoga instruction can be arranged to help you master different styles and poses.




Address:  400 Parque Dr #8, Ormond Beach, FL 32174, United States
Phone: 386-676-0572


Shelly is an amazing teacher! I thoroughly enjoy her yoga lessons, both private and group. I highly recommend HHYoga for both beginner and advanced yogis! She also offers various special events (including, but not limited to) crystal bowl singing, meditation and other various yoga workshops. I have also really enjoyed Betia and Cate’s yin yoga sessions via Zoom.

We Are Yoga

We Are Yoga is a dedicated yoga studio that can help you along your journey. Since 2012, this studio has taught both the basics and advanced classes. We Are Yoga is a yoga studio that teaches the basics and advanced courses. Instructors are meticulous in demonstrating the correct poses, movements, breathing techniques, and other details.

We Are Yoga also offers hot Yoga. This class is in 100 or temperatures. It allows you to concentrate on advanced poses that will challenge you but leaves you completely relaxed for the remainder of the day.




Address:  138 W Granada Blvd, Ormond Beach, FL 32174, United States
Phone:  386-677-9642


I am staying in Ormond Beach for one month and have visited this Yoga place almost everyday. I have been doing Hot Yoga for a few years and have been a few different Yoga Studios. This is the best Yoga place for the nice showers, clean floor and nicest yoga mat, of course, the owners and instructors. It is one of my favorite places in Ormond beach. Thanks to Will and Eric for having this wonderful place in Ormond Beach. I will miss this place and will visit you when I am in the area.

– Rong-Rong zhu