Can You Remove Yelp Reviews Yourself?

No You cannot delete yelp reviews if  it was posted by real customer. Here you can read Yelp Terms.

You are in the right place if you’ve been frustrated by fake or negative Yelp reviews. This article will discuss how to get rid of negative and fake Yelp reviews. It is important to remember that only original authors can remove genuine reviews and complaints. If you wish to resolve these complaints, you must first reach out to the original authors. There are several ways to remove fake and false reviews. Continue reading to learn more.

Claim Your Business Profile on Yelp

You must first claim your Yelp Page. This will allow you to respond to customer complaints. Your business page should have current information such as contact information, addresses and business photos. This will ensure that your business is trustworthy and reliable.

Report Review

You can report reviews that violate Yelp’s terms and conditions to the service providers. This includes personal information, promotion material, fake reviews and irrelevant content.

You can follow this simple procedure to report negative reviews. Click the three dots to open “report review”. The moderators will review the comment and delete it as soon as they receive it. Keep in mind that moderators will only remove comments that are against their terms and conditions.

You should be patient as the review process may take several days. You may wish to check the status of your comment again. Once the review is complete, you will be notified.

Keep in mind, however, that the automated app behind the platform can rearrange reviews even if they don’t take down the review.

Respond to the Unhappy Reviewer

This is the most efficient and least complicated way to remove negative Yelp reviews. Respond to the reviewer and try to change their bad impression. This will not only help you improve your star ratings and online reviews, but it will also make a positive impression on any potential customers.

You can try to make your reviewers happy by offering to improve their experience. If you are a landscaping company, for example, you could offer to redo the project and include a coupon for Ikea.

Take Legal Action

If you’ve tried everything and still haven’t found the solution, the last resort is the best option. You have the right to seek justice in the court of law. However, before you make this comment, be sure you are certain that it is not defamatory.

Grounds for reporting and removing a bad Yelp review

Let’s first look at Yelp’s content guidelines and regulations before we move on to flagging or removing malicious or false reviews.

These are the reasons to remove negative Yelp reviews.

  • A business review should not be viewed from the customer’s point of view
  • If the reviewer isn’t talking about an individual experience
  • Review that is disputing an existing review
  • Plagiarized reviews will be disqualified
  • If the reviews are posted to the wrong page for the business
  • Reviews should discuss business policies, services, or policies.
  • The names and other personal information of employees at businesses that they have interacted with cannot be posted by reviewers. They cannot, for example, add the name and address of the restaurant’s waiter or manager to the review. You can delete the review on these grounds.
  • However, there is an exception. Names are not allowed if the review contains personal information about a business or the employer’s name. Ex.: You can mention X’s name if the business is called “X” Realty.

How can you remove Yelp reviews yourself?

Yelp can remove certain reviews from its site automatically. Yelp will sometimes remove reviews that contain fake content or language that is not in line with its community standards. Yelp’s content guidelines are very clear and Yelp moderators do an excellent job filtering reviews to ensure truthfulness and accuracy. Filtered reviews can be used to verify that the review site provides valuable information about local businesses.

Many fake reviews go unnoticed or fool Yelp’s moderators. Although the Yelp filter is fairly accurate, the sheer volume and quality of reviews can overwhelm even the most experienced moderation system. It is difficult to know how Yelp distinguishes a genuine review from one that is misleading, false, defamatory, and misleading. The Yelp review filter uses context clues and user intention to identify legitimate reviews.

Here’s the problem. Yelp can legally store information about your brand for as long or as you want. This is great for customer research. They can also store fake reviews about you business without any repercussions.

This can be costly, tedious, and often, pointless.

Reporting negative Yelp reviews to Yelp is the first step to removing them. This is the best way to achieve your goal if the site responds to you. Reviewers may be flagged by Yelp and other review sites if they are:

  • A fake Yelp review was posted by someone.
  • Someone posted a review on an incorrect business page.
  • A spammer tries to post too many reviews all at once.
  • Multiple reviews of a business come from the same IP.
  • Negative reviews may contain false or misleading content.
  • Reviewers may include personal information that is in violation of privacy laws.

Review moderation isn’t foolproof. However, you can flag a Yelp review to help remove negative reviews before they impact your online reputation.


Read Reviews Ratings does not and cannot remove Yelp reviews for our customers. This article is meant to help you think about some options that can help your business keep a positive online reputation.