Auto Insurance in Miami – Basics

Looking for the best auto insurance policy in Miami is a lot easier than you might believe. You’re in a position of choice when selecting your own insurance, and a wealth of resources are readily available to collect details and discover strategies to reduce. This is one of them that you should make sure to go through it and learn more about the search for the most affordable price on Miami insurance for cars.

Minimum Requirements for Auto Insurance in Miami

Miami residents must comply with Florida’s state-of Florida minimal requirements regarding insurance on cars. Florida is a state that Florida has the most minimal requirements for car insurance in the country. The only requirement for drivers is to ensure that their vehicles are insured with the Personal Injury Protection insurance that is limited to a maximum of $10,000, and Property Damage Liability with a limit of $10,000. There are no requirements that must be met in relation to bodily injury insurance like in other states. But, some drivers, after they have had an accident, might be subject to a court order to purchase bodily liability for injuries. It is suggested to have some form in bodily injuries liability even if not necessary, to protect your self from the risk of a lawsuits.

The Cost of Auto Insurance in Miami

If you’re looking for auto insurance in Miami and the surrounding areas, you need be aware that you’ll pay a little more for insurance. Insurance premiums are higher in cities with large populations, where the cost of living is more expensive and vandalism and theft rates are more high and congestion in traffic leads to more collisions. In Miami, the capital city Miami there are 23 crashes each year for every 1,000 inhabitants which puts it at the top of the list in Florida. In addition, there were almost four thousand vehicles stolen during the year in Miami during 2009; this is the most in the entire state.

Florida generally, however is just a bit above the national average in terms of automobile insurance rates in general, with Miami being at the highest of the charts of states with the most expensive insurance rates across the state. There is some savings potential but you must be aware of your risks, seeking discounts and searching for the most affordable rates.

Miami Auto Insurance Companies

You have plenty of options for getting auto insurance coverage in Miami and that’s a lot of options to cut costs. It is possible to search for nationwide car insurance firms, in addition to local Miami insurers to determine which ones offer the most comprehensive insurance coverage service along with price. Online sources allow you to study policies, companies, and discounts. A few of the famous names of insurance companies that are that are licensed to sell insurance for automobiles for sale in Miami include:


  • Acceptance Insurance Services
  • Allstate Insurance Company
  • Blockbuster Insurance Consultants
  • Florida Auto Plus Car Insurance in Miami
  • Nationwide Auto Insurance


There are a lot of the options available to you and you shouldn’t choose the first insurance provider for your car you find. For more information about these companies, visit the official website of the Better Business Bureau of Southeastern Florida and read reviews of the insurance companies that are located in Miami. Miami.

Auto Insurance in Miami Affected by Traffic Congestion

Miami is the 10th most dense city in the United States in terms of vehicle traffic. It also ranks at the top of Florida. Florida. When you consider only the commuters who drive to work, an average of 11 million hours are spent on Miami roads every year. What that means for you is that there is a greater risk of collisions and fender benders. The same applies to the insurance company. This is why you’ll have to pay more for insurance on your car when you reside in Miami. Another reason to look around for the most affordable rates.

Auto Insurance in Miami: Comparison Shopping

If you have specific concerns regarding Miami auto insurance, are looking for more information about insurance companies , or want to make an insurance claim, contact details of the Florida Department of Insurance Regulations is listed below.

200 East Gaines Street

Tallahassee, FL 32399


To find the best price for auto insurance in Miami it is essential to compare shop. Comparing shopping is now easier than ever before thanks to online rates quotes. There are numerous websites that let you gather several rate quotes for free and with no commitment. The savings could be hundreds of dollars each year and the amount of time required is not more than thirty minutes. Don’t forget, when searching to purchase car insurance Miami you may consider homeowners insurance to get extra savings.