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Human civilization has relied on waterways and oceans for thousands of years. They provide transportation, trade and recreation, as well as countless other needs. Our dependence on waterways has not decreased as society has improved over the years. The United States still relies on seaborne commerce for large and vital portions of its modern economy in the 21st Century. The United States Government has established a variety of maritime and admiralty law to help manage the many situations that could arise on the water.

The Admiralty and Marine Laws are composed of statutes that govern activities on vessels that fly an American flag. These rules were originally intended to cover injuries and accidents to inland water workers, victims in air crashes over the waters and support crew members while ships are loading and unloading cargo or operating in port. However, coverage has expanded to include a variety of other areas.

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The Jones Act, the Death on the High Seas Act and the Longshoreman and Harbor Workers Compensation Act are the three major maritime laws in America. The Jones Act establishes the requirements for sailor and seamen and the conditions under which they can receive compensation if they are injured while performing their duties. The Longshoreman and Harbour Workers Compensation Act is similar in scope to the Jones Act but it covers land-based support workers. The Death on the High Seas Act includes deaths of seamen, sailors, and people who are killed in crashes on the open seas.

The status of oil rig workers is one of the most controversial issues in modern maritime law. Although technically not sailors or seamen, these workers spend considerable time on the open sea on platforms that are towed to the open ocean but not fixed to the bottom. These maritime law statutes cover most activities related to offshore oil rigging. This includes the helicopters that transport personnel to the platform as well as the maintenance and supply personnel.

The most dangerous and underappreciated job in America is that of commercial fisherman. Every day thousands of fisherman travel the open seas, rivers and lakes, with some never returning to their home ports. Many of these fishermen, sailors, seamen, and mariners are covered by the maritime laws of the United States. They or their families can sometimes receive compensation for accidents that happen throughout the maritime world. It is shameful that these hardworking workers are exploited by indifferent and callous employers.

Advantages Of Using An Offshore Injury Law Firm

An offshore injury lawyer is necessary for maritime workers who have been hurt or become ill while on duty. Although an offshore injury should be covered by the company, this is not always possible as many companies want to protect themselves against such claims. You should seek legal counsel for offshore injuries.

Although you might think you won’t be in an accident at sea, the future is unpredictable. There are many reasons why you might be unable to receive compensation for injuries or illnesses. A offshore injury lawyer firm can help you fight your employer or insurance company to get the right compensation. An offshore injury lawyer firm can help you. Here are some benefits to hiring such a firm.

Expert in Offshore Injury Laws

An offshore injury law firm’s attorneys are familiar with the details involved in submitting claims for injuries sustained on the job of seamen or offshore workers. There are two options if you become a victim of an accident. You have two options: either you can seek compensation yourself or you can hire a lawyer. If you try to follow up on the case yourself, chances are you won’t get any compensation. A lawyer is often very knowledgeable about all aspects of personal injury law. This allows you to receive compensation that is proportional to your injury.

Get the Most From Your Case

You can get an estimate of how much compensation you could receive by consulting an offshore injury lawyer firm. This information is crucial as it will allow you to get the compensation you deserve. You won’t belittled by the person or entity who is supposed to pay.

You may overlook important points that could increase the value and/or importance of your case. An experienced attorney will conduct thorough investigations to determine the facts of the case. If they can prove negligence by your employer, they may be required to pay you more.

Getting A Fair Shake

It is better to have an off-shore injury lawyer representing you when dealing with large corporations. The company will know that if negotiations fail, they can end up in court. Therefore, the company will try to be fair in negotiations and offer you better compensation.

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